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iOS App Development Services

  • We at North Atlantic Technologies are specialists of this arena and offer iOS application design services all perfectly tailored to your definite objectives.
  • Our dynamic iOS developers are experts in both Objective C and Swift.
  • So, if you are planning to build an intrinsic iOS application for optimal business results then contact us today.

Android Development

  • We have a proficiency in Location–based Service APIs, Android, Wi–Fi APIs Software Development Kit (SDK), Android Media APIs, 3D graphics, Android Security Architecture, OpenGL and other technologies necessary to build the most innovative Android application.
  • We take a lean approach in building the UX and Android applications.

Hybrid Development

  • Hybrid development allows applications for different operating systems to share similar core code, making overall development faster and cheaper.
  • Hybrid app development chains the advantages of both web and native applications, as a matter of fact, it is prepared with the combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, therefore, are built in a similar manner as websites.

Native Application

  • A native application is an application program that is developed on a specific device or platform.
  • We can do it for you perfectly.