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Business Development Manager

If you are looking for international clients and want someone who can tap into the international market for your product then North Atlantic is the right choice. Our business development team works on "one more call" mantra.

We will provide a Business Development Manager who will approach your target market and try to close leads for your business.

In-bound Leads

Your company website will be promoted with the help of multiple online marketing techniques. It will bring traffic on your personal website from our team at North Atlantic Technologies. Resultantly, it brings your clients to generate their buying needs directly to your website.

Out-bound Leads

This is yet another service that Team North Atlantic will facilitate for their valuable clients to fulfill their business needs through online and offline buyers. We will utilize diverse channels to maintain exposure in an online industry, find and connects buyers of your products from a range of techniques.

Buyer Email Marketing

We will run email marketing on your relevant buyer data, directories and yellow pages results your company to promote your products to your prospects to generate new clientele out of it.

Order Closing Assistance

In order to achieve revenue goals and to remain competitiveness in your respective product-market segment, we will assign a Sales Account Manager, who will be responsible for generating leads from diverse channels. Account Manager will negotiate with buyers on prices and payment terms to make the whole process workable and create a win-win situation for both buyers and suppliers. Closing an order requires expert methods to be followed which include lead generation, buyer verification and strong follow-up.