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Email Marketing

Nowadays, business operations are nearly impossible without e-mails as it is the cheapest yet most reliable medium of communication, marketeers now prefer e-mail marketing over television and radio. With email marketing, you are communicating directly with the concerned authority. The benefits of email marketing are quantifiable. Let us elaborate over using this incredible medium of marketing.
  • Extremely cost-effective. There is an initial set-up fees, but after that it is absolutely free. It is upto you as to how you are able to extract results from email marketing.
  • With a blink of an eye, you can send a constructed and uniform message to thousands of addresses.
  • And it is measurable. Yes, email marketing offers measurable results that can be conveniently used to improve your marketing strategy.
Looks interesting, doesn't it? Then come along and discover what North Atlantic Technologies has to offer.
  • Campaign Manager: There will be a dedicated campaign manager for your brand who will work collaboratively in order to ensure a smooth and successful marketing campaign.
  • Strategy: We will design a perfect industry specific email template with our specialist copywriters that will directly speak to your target audience.
  • Managing Contact list: Contact list has the highest weightage when it comes to email marketing. We will make sure that your message reaches the right people.
  • Reporting: We will be providing you insights related to your target market’s activities and interaction. this also includes as to who opens your email, which links are clicked, how long they are viewed and how many end up unsubscribing to it.
  • Evaluation: We will also provide evaluation reports on a usual basis so that you are able to track the performance.
  We provide our services for all sorts of business and we are able to work in a variety of industries. Our email specialists will work tirelessly in order to ensure that a correct and to the point message is created.

As mentioned above, we will also design a proper, effective and branded email template related to your industry. We will also train your staff over operations if required.