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Facebook marketing plan for Tradeshow

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March 28, 2017
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Facebook marketing plan for Tradeshow


Facebook Marketing Plan for Tradeshow:

It is really important to understand the real power of social media before heading towards an exhibition, tradeshow or event for your business.The marketing plan plays an essential role in driving your overall sales from a tradeshow presence.  As a Tradeshow Marketer, we have promoted and exhibited different companies around the globe at their industry tradeshows! But now as a Social Media Marketing Manager, it is fun to integrate the two different worlds together. Go through the steps below to see how you can use Facebook for your upcoming Tradeshow.

STEP 1: Define your Audience!

As you are visiting an Exhibition/ Tradeshow, if you do not have a company page then you first need to make your company page or if you have a company page,you need to make regular posts and promote it with paid advertisements that your company is attending this exhibition and run the campaign for your target audience.

You will need to identify your target customer’s demographics, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Type of Industry
  • Type of Business

So that your investment would be worthwhile when you attendan Exhibition.

STEP 2: Create Shareable Content!

  • You need to create different posts for your company of around 300-500 words each.
  • Include a featured image and relevant meta description in your post.
  • You will also optimize posts to include target keywords for targeting audience.
  • Use official hashtags of the exhibition which you are going to attendin your posts.
  • Create a landing page on your website, specifically for an exhibition that you are attending.
  • Connect with industry specific media contacts via Facebook and other social media platforms, and ask them to stop by your booth to see new products.

STEP 3: Get Our SOCIAL On!


  • You will be using paid ads to promote content and increase awareness.
  • Respond to fans (24/7) from different parts of the world coming to this exhibition.
  • You will tag different relevant pages and post your ads on those pages to get maximum viewership for your stall at Tradeshow/Exhibition.
  • Posting your pictures will be a great way to leave a good impression on those buyers which have not attended the event, that you are a big and reputable company. Sooner or later, they will prefer you once they have a requirement. Keep notethat not all the photos have to be on the tradeshow stall, but photos after show hours or at special events, which can look like fun, gives a natural look and feel.

STEP 4: Results!

  • Buyers from different parts of the world attending anEXHIBITION will be well aware that your company is attending an exhibition on so and so stall number.
  • Responding to fans on Facebookbefore coming to an exhibition.This way you will set up pre-scheduled business meeting prior to start of an exhibition.
  • Maximize your visitor’s count.
  • High chances of getting maximum deals closed.

STEP 5: Post Tradeshow Workup!

  • Go through your leads, business cards, and notes to see if there are people you met that you can connect with on Facebook, or likeand follow their business page.
  • Follow up with your leads and connections via email and make sure your email includes links to all your social media accounts.

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