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The Future of Digital Marketing – Video Marketing

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April 23, 2017
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The Future of Digital Marketing – Video Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing!

You might have heard it out there that videos are definitely the future when it comes to digital marketing. Now the questions that arises is “Why is this so?”

Wherever you look, you will find videos. Almost 50% of the web traffic on mobiles consists of videos. Videos are being shared more often in comparison to articles on social media. And then there is YouTube, where millions of videos are being watched every day.

And what has triggered this rise in the importance of videos?

Content in the form of videos has been proven to be a very effective tool for many different brands along with their varying objectives.

How your Brand can Benefit from Videos?

When it comes to SEO, Google likes to favour websites that have videos embedded into its content. Your website has a higher chance of appearing on the first page of the Google search if it has a video embedded into the website’s page.

Videos use both sound along with sight which makes it greatly effective when being used to target audiences. It helps in stirring up an emotional response which helps countless brands in creating loyalty and brand recognition.

Video help in the promotion of brand recall where it has been proven that around 80% of customers are able to recall a video that they have watched within a month. Videos integrate the use of sounds along with visual aids which gives it a huge edge over text based content. So people who have seen your brand’s videos have a higher chance of remembering your brand and, therefore, increasing its sales. All you need to do is to make sure that the video is in line you’re your brand’s strategy.

The use of videos can also boost your website’s SEO. It is said that around 65% of business decision makers visit a website after they view its branded videos. Furthermore, around 39% of business decision makers are said to contact a vendor after they have vied a branded video. So it can be said that by simply adding a video to your landing pages or website, can help improve your business’ SEO value.

The Right Video Content?

We have established the importance of video in content marketing, but exactly how do you do it is another question by itself.

Many social media giants with the likes of Facebook and Twitter support videos and have features such as auto-play and what not. Due to high content traffic on these sites, the videos should be eye catchers, meaning that they should catch the viewer’s attention almost instantly.

Whereas on YouTube, the algorithm is such that the videos with longer watch times are promoted.

Then there are the cheaper options like animated explainer videos which explain things like your brand’s functions and what not in an infographic way.

After reading this and many other articles out there, I am pretty sure you now have an idea from where the marketing winds are blowing from. So are you ready to jump in with video marketing?


15 Types of Video Content for Different Stages of the Marketing Funnel

The Awareness Stage

Educational Videos

Everybody loves to be taught something new. They even love it more when it is taught in a fun manner. In the initial stage of the marketing funnel people are searching for something new and that is exactly where these educational videos come in. They offer something new and interesting to your audiences which they usually accept with open arms.

Animated Videos

Almost everyone finds visual and emotional stimulation interesting when done through the use of animation. They are sure to be in awe after watching animations come to life. For these videos to be a sure success they need to be fun, short as well as quirky.

Video Documentaries

These are becoming more and more popular day by day. Just like educational videos they tend to teach the audiences something new and valuable. They tend to include interviews with people of interest.

Brand Films

These are those films which share with your audiences your visions, values and other such elements of your brand. You can deliver all of these with the help of sounds, visuals and storytelling in a unique way that suits you and your brand.

Tutorial or Explainer Videos

Using these videos, companies show their values customers how to perform a task or do something with a higher efficiency. These usually include “How To” and different “Hacks” of doing various tasks.

360° Experience Videos

These are another way to completely captivate your audiences with experiences, stories and places. These include sneak peaks, behind the scene and product features. A lot of companies are putting these videos to good use.

The Consideration Stage

Product Videos

These are product reviews that are used to show how your product works and it usually showcases the benefits of the products. These are becoming more and more popular and are considered to be highly effective.

Video Emails

Using contact information that you gained earlier, you send video content to those specific contacts. They receive interesting videos which instantly catch the attention of the receivers who are surprised along with being interested in the content.

Video Testimonials

These videos help greatly in building credibility and trust. You can use these videos in order to showcase your product’s features. They can be used in tradeshows and in-store events.

Corporate Culture Videos

Used to create an emotional link between a company and the videos’ viewers. It showcases your company’s personality. It can be used for employee interviews, pranks, parties and what not. Basically it shows the human side of your business.

Public Service Announcements

These usually target hot issues while being creative. Brands can use these videos to build trust and a positive image in people’s minds as these have emotional strings.

The Decision Stage

Personalized Videos

Brands can use these to provide a personal touch and also make their audiences feel special. These can be used in other stages of the funnel as well. These can make people feel strong emotions which can be used to make them act in some specific manner.

FAQ Videos

Here you can answer any remaining questions of your customers. Here you can handle any queries that customers may have just before making their purchase. You can use these videos to calm their nerves and ease up the buying process.

Instructions and Demonstration Videos

Here you can demonstrate how to tackle common issues that many of your customers might be facing or simply answering any questions that they may be having after purchasing your products.

Thank You Videos

These are for your customers after they have made it through the decision funnel.  It is a way of thanking your customers for their valued purchases and also hoping for their continued support in the future.

So now you know about 15 different types of videos that can help you in different stages of the marketing funnel. So in conclusion I would say that you need to use all of these different types of videos in order to assist your customers during different stages so that quicker and better buying decisions can be made.

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