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Tradeshow is one of the most potent marketing features powered by North Atlantic technologies. Tradeshow provides companies an opportunity to showcase their product, business and services to a big number of visitors. We are responsible to assist you throughout your tradeshow campaign by:

  • Pre-tradeshow marketing.
  • Scheduling business meetings.
  • After tradeshow follow-ups.
  • Social Media Clips.
  • Promotional Material
  • Landing Page
  • 3D Animation
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Print Material
  • Booth Designing
Draw maximum number of potential buyers to the booth. The North Atlantic Technologies will help you in engaging maximum number of visitors to your booth and also will follow and convert this visitor into potential lead for your company.

Pre-tradeshow marketing:
We will starts marketing your tradeshow participation before month at least through social media campaigns, Google campaigns and email marketing campaigns to inform you potential clients that you are participating in a particular Tradeshow and you can meet them at your booth or at side-lines of the Tradeshow.
Business meetings scheduling:
Our tradeshow expert will help you in engaging your targeted companies and clients in order to arrange face to face meeting at the tradeshow or on the side-lines of tradeshow, basic purpose to create a proper business communication between you and your client.

After tradeshow follow-ups:
After tradeshow your account manager will take-up all potential visitors and meetings data from you and tradeshow expert to further nurture all potential leads and converting the potential prospects into order or company visit so a long term business corporation will start between you and potential client.
Social Media Clips:
Make sure that your prospects know that you invested time and money into attending the tradeshows! Also makes sure that they know where to find you. We assist you in making “Visit My Booth” clips that are easily shareable on social media channels which can attract people to your booth.

Promotional Material:
You have to give away items that your prospects can use again and again and also create your brand’s recognition in their minds and also lead to future sales. We can assist you in this manner in order to create new and interesting merchandise for your next tradeshow.
Landing Page:
Are you thinking of launching a new product or service and are looking for promotion of your event in order to get signups and, at the same time, create an email list? We can help you achieve this! We can create, for you, a landing page that is specific to your product or service which would help you in getting signups and emails.
3D Animation:
Whatever business that you are into, we can create customized 3D animation that can help you in entertaining or educating your potential clients.

PowerPoint Presentations:
Are you thinking of giving a presentation? No need to worry since we will help you create charming presentations that will be memorable and will stay in your clients’ minds for quite a while.
Print Material:
Are you looking for sales materials like brochures etc.? Then look no further because we have got you covered! We will help you design print material that you can distribute during the tradeshows or sales activities.
Booth Designing:
We design booths for tradeshows as well. Whatever your budget is, we can use it to make you stand out from the entire crowd. We will custom design a booth that is sure to attract passers-by and ignite a conversation.

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